Bob Szanto

Let's hope you never need a personal injury attorney. I neer thought I would. But, if you do, please call Attorney Richard Treiser. I can't say enough good things. I can honestly and wholeheartedly  say, that Attorney Treiser went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. He communicated with all parties involved consistently. He showed compassion, empathy and understanding. He was blunt when needed, and explained the legal process from start to finish. He did everything in his power to assist my family in a time of need. He proved to me that he was not concerned about lining his pocket, Actually the contrary. And yes, he took my family's personal injury, personally.

Mark Tucker

I am very honored to know and consider Richard Treiser and trusted friend and advisor both personally and professionally. He has always been the highest moral caliber and been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in a myriad of situations which have come up. After having several friends and family being in car accidents throughout Naples and Ft Myers, I have felt very comfortable in referring Rich and his staff. They have always displayed compassion for the very sensitive nature of my friends and family being involved in a car accidents. He has also helped me personally on various issues and has gone above and beyond what most have or ever would. When it comes to having peace of mind, there is absolutely no one better than Rich and his entire team.

Steve Isbel

I contacted Mr. Treiser the day after I had an auto accident, a vehicle hit my motorcycle from the rear. I expected to get his voicemail since it was a Saturday, Rich answered. I hired him to represent myself, the extent of the damage was a great and I was already getting played by the fault's insurance. Rich went out of his way to make sure I was fully taken care of, he has terrific staff, Ari and Diane,  and I am very pleased with his performance. It has been very long and painful experience and it truly makes a difference when your lawyer will go out of his way to check up on you.

Eduardo V

Mr Treiser has gonne above and beyond for me, more than once! I highly recommend him!

Mellisa Varner

When I got into my accident in 2018, I called him as soon as i got my phone in my hand after. He spent most of the initial phone call calming me as i was in tears. He advised me from day one and continued to be reachable through either email, phone, or staff (Dianne was amazing as well). He did everything to help me get through it that day and the subsequent months of dealing with insurance companies. Thank you! you all are amazing.

Zack Bellini

By far the best Lawyer I have ever seen. A1 services. I fell truly blessed to have my case resolved by Mr. Treiser and his secretary Miss Diane.

Tejas Patel

We had an accident last year and in that Rich and Diane were a great help to us in resolving it. Always ready to help. Both them were above and beyond to us. We never felt like we were alone in all this at any given point in time. We would surely recommend them to our friends and families. Richard Treiser is one of the best attorneys we have worked with.

Diane Cartwright

Mr. Treiser & Diane, Paralegal, came to my home to establish details of my accident. They are compassionate, patient, listen to details, comforting in my stressful trauma. Answer my inquiries immediately! Diane was able to enroll me in low income Medicare "extra" coverage for prescription drugs. I praise her detailed efforts. Thank you both


Great services great staff! Mr. Trieser is excellent treated us like family. Thank you again Mr. Rich & Diane.. Highly recommend!!!

Leonel Angeri

A great team with excellent service. They stand out for their professionalism. Richard, Ari, Diane... Thank you very much for all the help.

Latitude 26 Lawn & Garden

I unexpectedly found myself in need of an auto accident attorney. Glad I didn't call the out-of-area 800 number. Attorney Richard Treiser worked with me personally to resolve the mess! I highly recommend the law firm Treiser- Collins.


I was injured in an accident (rear ended) while stopped at a light. My first call after it happened was to Rich Treiser of Treiser & Collins. He helped me through it all. He made sure everything was well taken care of the whole time. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

John See

Honest, Trustworthy, Ethical, Transparent and so much more. Thank you to Richard, Diane and the rest of the staff for making the process so smooth and painless.

Katie Peterson

Richard Treiser and his team are nothing but top notch. Exceptional service and extremely knowledgeable. They are the best at what they do which is why we continue to refer our friends, family and clients.

Tony Higgs

Honesty, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy, plus attention to detail are just a few of the things that make Rich Treiser and his excellent team the "Go To" Auto Accident Attorneys in Naples. Highly Recommended.

Rosie Johnson

Richard Treiser and his team, Bob DeMarco were a godsend for me. After my accident the last thing I wanted to deal with was insurance companies and talking to people on the phone to file this or that. Their team took care of every detail. They told me not to worry and just concern myself with healing properly. They were professional and I knew I was in good hands by the way they represented me. Their team was very efficient and caring with me. I can’t even say enough good things about this firm. In the end the result is I got the maximum I could have gotten from 3 sources, something I would never have even known to do. I would never hire anyone else to represent me; if God forbid - I got into another accident. They are the best.

Alexandra Hutchinson

Mr. Richard Treiser and his team represented me after I was injured in a car accident. He handled all legal aspects of the case with great results. His experience in the field and dedication to my case has been immeasurable. Hiring this law firm has allowed me to focus on my recovery and job and getting back to my regular routine. I was well informed and felt genuinely cared for throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.

Caroline S.

Mr. Treiser and his team go above and beyond to help clients navigate the complex, personal injury claim process. His professionalism, dedication, and genuine concern for clients’ well-being distinguishes him within the legal community.

SmileCreator of Naples Dr. Nilo Hernandez

Richard Treiser and his firm have been spectacular handling my wife's accident claim and managed all of her medical exams. The attention to detail and constant communication of where it all is going... just no other attorney does this. These folks are the best, bar none.